Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The winter of ‘78

I can still remember the winter of ‘78-‘79, when we had a 3 month inversion in the Salt Lake Valley.  At that time there were less than half as many people living along the Wasatch Front, so the pollution didn’t get that bad, but so much water vapor got trapped in the valley fogthat at times you literally couldn’t see across the street.  It was eerie, and health officials kept telling people to get up in the mountain to get some sun, people were having serious psychological issues from the lack of sunlight.  After about a month of it I took their advice and drove up Emigration Canyon.  It was warmer up at the summit than in the valley, and I just laid there on the hood of my car soaking up the sun for a good hour or so.  I felt 100% better, and ended up going there once every other week or so just to save my sanity.
I also remember driving home from Provo (about 35 miles) in fog so thick that I was going about 20 MPH on the interstate.  For a lot of the trip I couldn’t tell where I was because I couldn’t even see road signs.  I only knew I’d left Utah County and entered Salt Lake County because I felt the car going up the hill at the point of the mountain.  I was afraid of missing my exit and ending up in Ogden, but fortunately it cleared enough right around 33rd South that I knew where the I-80 turnoff was.

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