Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eat your vegetables (or other plant foods).

So I was going to be really funny and do a “used vegetables” post for this theme.  I went up to our property this weekend and planned on getting a bunch of pictures of the evidence all the animals leave around.

I got evidence, but it was leftovers, not post-use.  Well, except for the last picture which I decided to include anyways.

Ok, so technically, it’s not a veggie.  It’s more of a cone or leaf or something like that.  But it’s still a plant that mammals (albeit rodents) eat, so I’m going for it.  This little one had dinner right on the steps to our shed.

This was some sort of nut cluster that yet another rodent ate, sitting on top of a rock overlooking the whole valley.  I thought it was really cool how he or she popped it open and left it relatively intact.

And here is the “post consumption” photo.  We rarely see any animals on the property, they do a good job of staying away.  But you can’t walk more than a couple yards without seeing evidence that they were there.  From deer to squirrels, they don’t bother to flush the toilet.


Alexia said...

I enjoyed seeing these, Max. i've nothing to contribute to this theme - no veggie photos in my archives; and in early spring, nothing in the garden. And I've been so busy the last few weeks I've hardly had time to breathe.

This was an interesting and different take on the idea.

Limar said...

Nice and interesting shots! :)

Bob Scotney said...

Well they are definitely not of mineral origin; the first would be classed as vegetable, the last most certainly animal.
We used to have a radio/TV quiz entitled 'Twenty Question' where the panel could ask 20 questions to determine what an unknown item was. The first question they asked was usually, 'Animal, vegetable or mineral?'

Little Nell said...

Now that IS different. As far as the little rodent is concerned he was eating healthily, which is what we wwre all supposed to do, so perhaps it was the squirrel equivalent of eating his veggies.

Carmi said...

I'm not a big fan of "technicals" anyway, and I love where you've taken the theme. If it makes the little animals around us happy, then it doesn't matter what we call it.