Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just a picture #3


Karen S. said...

and just what's inside that plastic cup with the lime on it Max? I love the trail of orange slices along the way...if this were'd have a few blue jays to contend with!

Max said...

That's my infamous Jungle Juice waterfall from the Free Wheeler anniversary party of either '79 or '80. The cup contains some of the liquid refreshment. I made a bunch of Hawaiian Punch and put 15 gallons of it in the trough at the bottom. We pumped it through a garden hose and let it run down the rocks, added some liquor, orange slices and 2 industrial sized cans of pineapple chunks with their juice. Everybody who came to the party brought whatever booze was laying around their house and poured it into the trough when the came in. then we just added more Hawaiian Punch whenever the trough level was getting low.