Sunday, May 29, 2011

The art work on my walls.

Carmi, of Written Inc., posed the question “Do you hang your own artwork on your walls?” and this is my response.

Yes, I do, although, like Carmi, I have very little talent at drawing so my personal stuff is limited to photographs.  But with 10 foot ceilings, I have a lot of area to cover, which gives me a lot of room to show things off. I do have some drawings up there too, ones that were done by past students and other teachers I’ve worked with. (These are photos of the framed works, from where they are on the wall, so they are not the best quality.)

This is the first student work I ever bought.  I got it while I was student teaching, they had an art show every year for the students and the students were allowed to auction off their work.

Below is a caricature of the year the Utah Jazz won the first 3 games of the playoffs, and since the fourth was a home game, we were expecting them to sweep the championship.  Ironically, they lost the next 4 games and the title.And this one was a going away present for the entire staff at the high school the district closed on us.  The French teacher drew it, taking into account each of our personalities.  Bonus points for anyone who can correctly identify which character is mine. (Click on the picture to enlarge.) She first did this at a junior high school we both worked at, when the principal (same one as at the high school) retired.  I would post it, but since it identifies the school, which is still open, I think it is best to leave it off.

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