Sunday, June 19, 2011

Testing, 1, 2, 3 –Take 2

Well, I downloaded the updated Windows Live Writer which added a couple of things that I didn’t see on the old version.  Under “Insert” I now see “Clear break” and “Split post”.

Hovering over the “Clear break” I saw that it is for creating a break after a picture to prevent text wrapping.  Ok, that makes sense, although by centering the picture it does that anyway.

“Split post” says that everything after it will not be seen on the main page, that way I can show a summary and keep the bulk of it from cluttering up the main page.  Here goes:

Ok, this is below the “Split post” insert.  I think I may start using this to keep my main page cleaner, and especially when I’m posting a ton of pictures, so I can at least warn people of the impending download time.


Karen S. said...

Great background for it, and it quickly all came before my eyes! I will always wait for what ever download time it takes on your stuff Max, seriously, and haven't complained ...because your photos are so worth it...and if it gets a bit longer...that's a great time to run for a fresh cup of coffee or an Edy's Acai/Blueberry fruit bar.........yummy!

Max said...

Karen -Thanks, it's nice to know people appreciate my pictures. And I completely agree with the running for a fresh cup of coffee - coffee = good!

Alexia said...

I agree with Karen - they are ALWAYS worth the wait.

how did you change the Blogger symbol into the cool blue thingy?

Max said...

Alexia Thanks, it's nice to have them appreciated. I put up a new post on how to change the Blogger symbol, feel free to ask any questions if you get stuck.