Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fun with Cops, Part II

About a month after the incident at the party at my house, I had another run-in with Officer Napoleon.

easthigh There was some issue with students from my high school parking their cars, or just sitting on the lawns, on the small street right by the school.  The big issue was that that was where they went to smoke pot.  The neighbors complained enough about the “Douglas Street Squatters”, as they were known, that the city made the street a no-parking area during school hours.  Now Douglas Street runs parallel to the main street in front of the school, which seemed to have caused some confusion for Officer Napoleon.

It was lunchtime and there were a whole bunch of students out at the 7-11 across from the school, which happened to be where my unofficial parking spot was; right on the main road in front of said 7-11.  We were standing there eating lunch, and watching a cop give tickets to all the cars along the main road.  I was wondering what he was doing, and when he finally got to my car I decided I now had the right to ask.  I walk over to him, and as I get close enough to talk to him I realize it’s the same Napoleon wannabe cop that was strutting around my house just a few months back.

“Whatcha doin’?” I asked him.

“What?” He responded.

“This is my car, I was just wondering what you were giving me a ticket for.”

“Parking illegally.  They changed this to a no parking zone during school hours.”

“No, that’s Douglas Street, we can still park here.”noparking

“Nope, they changed this street to.”

“Not according to that.” I said as I pointed to the parking sign right in front of my car.

He didn’t say much, just looked at the sign, ripped up the ticket he had started and then went back to all the other cars along the street and ripped up their tickets too.

I fought the law, and the law (didn’t) won.”


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