Monday, May 3, 2010

Road Rage in the 80’s

Fury1966-1 It must have been ‘86, I was working at the Free Wheeler in West Valley City.  A co-worker had a 1966 Plymouth Fury and my little brother had a 1973 Cadillac.  One of our favorite past times was to drive around in the two cars and slam into each other at stop lights.
We wouldn’t be going very fast, it never did any real damage to either of the car bumpers, but it would jolt them and get people looking.
cdv73aThe fun part was when we would start yelling at each other out the car windows.  We’d hang our heads out, shake our fists, sometimes the passengers would sit on the doors pounding their fists on the roof of the car.  All just to see what the onlookers would do.
Usually it would be just stare, one time a lady who was going to pull out of a parking lot into the lane next to us choose to back up and use the other exit, but if never lasted long because the light would soon turn green and we’d be on our way.
Until the next red light.

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