Friday, May 28, 2010

Practical Joke #(who knows)

house My assistant manager, who’s daughters and nephew both worked with us at the West Valley Free Wheeler, lived in a duplex with pillars by the front door.  They were just far enough out from the door that you could walk between them and the house.  Which made a few of us think “hmm, this is the beginning of a great prank.”  So one evening, a few of the other employees and a couple of her relatives, quietly wrapped the pillars with toilet paper, creating a paper wall in front of the door.  One of our delivery drivers climbed up on the roof with a bucket of flour, and another employee and I positioned ourselves on either side of the door, where there wasn’t any toilet paper and we could easily drench anyone coming out of the front door.  One of her relatives, water gun in hand, went in the back door and started squirting her, chasing her around the house. tophouse As was our plan, she tried to escape our gunman out the front door, saw the wall of toilet paper, turned one way, got hit by a bucket of water, turned the other way, got hit by another bucket of water, then tried to escape through the wall of toilet paper.   She came out from under the front porch wet and covered in soggy toilet paper.  But that wasn’t enough, that’s when the driver dumped the bucket of flour on her.  Wet, soggy TP and flour.  What a mixture.  We were laughing our guts out, and fortunately she had a sense of humor and could only congratulate us on our ingenuity.  And laugh too, as she planned her revenge.

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