Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ask and Ye shall Receive.

This is for Bob who, in a comment on my other blog post “Classico”, asked about an article in this paper:

Here is the first couple paragraphs of the article:

German Firing Squads Execute Nine Czech Students For ‘Uprising’

Thousands of Nazi Storm Troops Crush Resistance in Prague;
German Police Make 2000 Arrests

PRAGUE, Nov 17 (UP) – German Storm troopers and squads of gestapo (secret police) Friday executed nine Czech students before firing squads and arrested hundreds of others for “instigating uprisings” against nazi rule in the Bohemia-Moravia protectorate.

Thousands of heavily-armed and motorized storm troopers poured into the city and informed quarters said that the punitive measures against Czech “acts of resistance”, admitted to have been brewing for some time, probably would be extended.

The storm troopers and gestapo, aided by German police, took more than 2000 persons into custody after two days of disorders, but 800 of them were subsequently released.

Mostly Students
The 1200 under arrest were understood to be mostly Czech students and intellectuals, alleged by the Germans to have incited to rioting and resistance by followers of Dr. Eduard Benes, last president of independent Czechoslovakia and now an exile in England.

About 10,000 S.C. storm troopers were in Prague Friday night to preserve order, including the Deutschland, Germania and Der Fuehrer units.

It goes on for another 7 or 8 paragraphs, but hopefully that gives you the gist of the whole article.


Lisa Shafer said...

Wow. Granted, hindsight is always 20-20, but this article makes it pretty clear that the Nazis were dang scary folks even to Utahns preferring to ignore the situation in 1939.

Karen S. said...

Max, I posted an old photo from Salt Lake City in my Sepia Saturday post this week, you and Writer may know, no I'm sure you both know where it was taken...and you may love the old car too!

Max said...

Lisa - yeah, sounds kind of scary what was going on in Prague back then. Weird to think that was all going on just a couple years before Pearl Harbor.
Karen - Loved the pictures, the shot of Salt Lake and of course all those cool old cars.